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Mindfulness Techniques 

There are many ways to practice Mindfulness

Do not get caught up in the right or wrong ways to practice.

Feel what is right and works for you.

Tread your own path to

clarity, positive vibes, empowerment, motivation and serenity.


Choose an abundant mindset

Take time out in your day. Choose to take some deep meaningful breaths, focus on the body. Press your feet into the ground, feel centred and grounded. Think of something around you that makes you appreciate the abundance. An abundance of love, joy, creativity, anything for which you can feel grateful and just simply focus on the feeling of abundance. Practice this and it will help you to feel more satisfied, complete and grateful.

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Learn the lesson of Acceptance

Find a quiet space for mindful reflection. Perhaps you will go out to a natural environment or just find a calm place to become mindful. Once you feel grounded by focusing on the breath and the body you can clear away unnecessary thoughts and distractions. You have now created an opportunity to allow yourself to accept the emotions you have been experiencing. You can learn to recognise the sensations in the body that accompany those feelings. By accepting these feelings you can allow them to come and go. Through mindfulness practice, you can learn to avoid engaging with the feelings that do not benefit you. It takes a lot of practice but in time it can help you to take more control.

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Aspire to learn and grow

The more you practice becoming present in the moment, the more you will find space for clear thinking. As you turn your mind to fully experience the present in more depth you can endeavour to focus on the positive feelings that arise. With a focus on the positive, you are better placed to consider your aspirations and through mindful reflection consider the true value of those aspirations and if they are worth pursuing. When you know that these aspirations are of value and can help you. Mindfulness practice can help you to focus on bringing these aspirations to fruition.

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