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The Breath

Simple. Easy. Always Available.

Just focus your attention on your body breathing.



How do we use the Breath?

Just focus on the breath. Feel the sensations of what it feels like on the stomach, as it expands and contracts with the inhalation or exhalation. 

Feel the air as it enters the nostrils and leaves, what does it feel like?


Focus on what you are doing?

Simply focus on what you are doing



How do we focus?

 Whenever you notice your thoughts drifting to the past or future just come back to this moment. Here is an example. You are Ironing, you can do it "mindlessly" as it is a routine habit. Why not try doing a routine habit whether it is ironing or washing, cleaning or brushing your teeth and instead of day dreaming or worrying just focus on what you are doing. What does the iron, hands feel like, what is the smell, what's the energy in the body like... Just focus on anything that is happening in that moment.

What this will achieve is better work is done with less stress and more productivity.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the word given for practicing having
your attention in the present moment.


How do we Practice Mindfulness?

There are many techniques that allow you to practice Mindfulness and each one will have its place and work at different times. 

What does this achieve?


This will bring you effortlessly into the present moment and take your attention away from any thoughts of past and future. The present moment is where we no longer focus on what could or has happened but what is happening, this is a place of peace.


The sensations

What sensations can you feel in the body?



How do we use the Body?

What can you feel in your feet? Perhaps the texture of socks or shoes? Pressure of where the feet are rested? What can you feel in the legs? Any tightness or are they loose? What can you feel the abdomen? Back? Shoulders? Neck?

Find out and in doing so you will become fully present :)


What are your emotions?

How do you feel right now?



How do we focus on emotions?

 Here don't focus on the thoughts behind the emotions (what he or she did or didn't do for example) but instead on the sensations of the emotions themselves. What does stress feel like? Anger? Happiness? Start to learn what they feel like in the body and focus on them when they arise instead of getting lost in the thoughts from where they came, or where they go. In doing so you will be able to cope with the emotions that arise and let them arise without repression or reactivity.


Mindfulness Techniques

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