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A Pocketful of Inspiration

Mindfulness Affirmation Cards
A Pack of 52 cards 4 introduction cards & 48 Affirmation Cards

DAILY PRACTICE TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS TO CREATE A BETTER YOU - daily stress, challenges and the unknown can have a direct impact on the way we interact with people, how we perform at work and how in touch we are with family and friends. Give yourself time each day to adapt your way of thinking to make changes that will improve your mindfulness and adopt positive habits

WHAT IS THE CONCEPT OF MINDFULNESS? - mindfulness is the simplicity of bringing your attention to the present moment. Typically, our minds are busy with many different thoughts both about the past and the future and many of these thoughts can have a negative impact maybe causing depression or anxiety

POSITIVE THINKING HOW MINDFULNESS AFFIRMATION CARDS CAN HELP YOU - by focusing on the present moment, you can bring your mind back to a state of calmful clarity where you are more likely to find peaceful resolutions to situations. Create a new and improved you with our helpful, powerful mindfulness tools

MINDFULNESS MEDITATION CALM REFLECTION - these cards may lead you to want to explore more about mindfulness, meditation or can simply help you to monitor your thoughts and emotions and help you to progress to feeling more balanced, bringing calm creativity and serenity to your life. There are 4 introduction cards & 48 affirmation cards to practice with everyday featuring beautiful images of nature

MINDFULNESS GIFTS ARE A THOUGHTFUL GIFT - mindfulness gifts in the form of cards are a superb way to help a friend who needs some calm relaxation and motivation in their busy life. They are personal, a gift of love and support and more importantly a way to concentrate on positive thinking in their own time



When you tune into the natural affinity you have with nature you allow your true nature to flourish. Inspiration creativity and positive energy thrives in a natrual environment.

Tree path.jpg

Open Your Eyes

Become fully aware of your surroundings in nature. What can you see, smell feel? Tune into the natural affinity for nature.

Breathe nature pixabay_edited.jpg

Focus on your breath

Notice the sensations in the body as you focus on your breath. Inhale deeply and release the breath slowly. Clear away your thoughts as you come into the present moment.

Green Pond.jpg

Be Still

Simply be in the moment without thoughts about the past or future. Surrender to this moment in time and be still. Let calm serenity and tranquillity reign.

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