A Pocketful of Inspiration

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Mindfulness Gifts

A Pocketful of Inspiration


  • Powerful Mindfulness Affirmation Cards

  • Create a clear and positive mindset with        A Pocketful of Inspiration

  • Be inspired -  Be motivated - Be positive


MAKE IMPROVEMENTS TO CREATE A BETTER YOU – daily stress and the unknown can have a direct impact on the way we interact with people, how we perform at work and how in touch we are with family and friends. Give yourself time each day to adapt your way of thinking to make changes that will improve your mindfulness.

A THOUGHTFUL GIFT – mindfulness gifts in the form of cards are a superb way to help a friend who needs some calm in their busy life. They are personal, a gift of love and support and more importantly a way to concentrate on positive thinking in their own time

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Be inspired...Be Motivated...Be Positive


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A Pocketful of Inspiration

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A Pocketful of Inspiration


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A Pocketful  Of Inspiration

Beautifull mindfulness affirmation cards,
 I bought the package on Amazon for myself but will buy them again as a gift for other people, I am sure of that.

It has become like a little ritual now, every morning shuffling the cards put my mind in balance and waiting what life is telling me what I have to learn today in drawing the card.
The beautiful pictures help a lot in letting yourself go with the flow for some moments

Because of the small size they are easy to carry with you on holidays or to show other people at the office what they have to learn and to work at that moment, after they draw a card... Highly recommendable


June 2018

Check Our Free Mindfulness Techniques, News and Inspiration articles. In this area are  Mindfulness Techniques that you will be able to apply to mundane routine activities which will enhance the experience by becoming more present. Also, you will gain new ideas and techniques that will allow you to remain present in your work place and family life.  


Mindfulness Techniques

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